'Rock Is Dead' Sessions

 An awesome bluesy jam recorded in early 1969. Includes a few familiar songs such as 'Mystery Train' and 'Whiskey And Mystics And Men' but mostly unknown greats such as 'Rock Is Dead' and 'Queen Of The Magazines'. The whole performance flows brilliantly with various reprises of 'Rock Is Dead' (which of course explains the name). It's a bootleg every Doors fan should have and my personal favourite.

Audio Quality: 7

Performance Quality: 8

25th February 1969

The Complete Matrix Tapes

Another essential for a Doors fan as it is one of their earliest recordings. Before the phenomenal success if their debut album, The Doors played at the small Matrix Club in San Francisco where co-owner Peter Abram had the foresight to record them. As this is the complete collection of recording it will take around 800MB in total, but believe me, it's worth every byte! Please note that this was also released officially by The Doors as part of the Bright Midnight Archive, but much of the content was cut and there was no improvement in quality.

Audio Quality: 6/7

Performance Quality: 9

DOWNLOAD NOTE: Due to the size of the files in total, I had to divide them in to four different .ZIP files, all of which can be found in the download link.

7th - 10th March 1967

Live at the Isle Of Wight Festival

One of The Doors' darkest performances, literally, Morrison didn't want any spotlights! A great track-list includes old favourites such as 'Break On Through' and 'Light My Fire' with newer classics from Morrison Hotel. Finishes up with a brilliant, more bluesy version of 'The End' which includes segments of 'Away In India', 'Crossroads' and 'Wake Up'.

Audio Quality: 9 (VERY good for a bootleg)

Performance Quality: 8


29th August, 1970

UCLA Lighthouse Performance 

The UCLA Trio (Manzarek)

Ten years before the release of L.A. Woman and the untimely death of Jim Morrison, a young Ray Manzarek performed a collection of jazz songs with a few friends from UCLA. Luckily for Doors fans someone recorded the show and even more incredibly it still survives today! Overall a good performance, Manzarek shows talent even at a young age.

Audio Quality: 7 (Very good but slight hissing in the background)

Performance Quality: 7

29th March, 1961

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